Insurance for Personnel
Insurance for Personnel
Business begins with those who do it that is with every employee. There are no boundaries in the world of business communication, business trips are part of the work process.
A plan of a business trip is compiled subject to timetable of airlines and other means of transport. In order to avoid unpleasant slips and financial losses in case of change of timetables, flight delays or accident travel insurance will be of great help.

In case of regular journeys it makes sense to have annual multi-trip policy that is valid for a year and insurance cover is active for a defined period.

Working process can be connected with traumas and accidents. An injured employee at least falls out of working process for the period of medical treatment or recovery. In case of accident insurance minimal cover includes compensations in case of death and permanent disability. Additionally may also be covered: compensation for pain and suffering, daily allowance, treatment costs that are not paid for by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is designed to cover unexpected expenses during a trip. A policy issued beforehand provides full cover during journey and while preparing it. There are three main risks and several additional covers. Some Insurers offer different ready packages.

Basic cover includes:

  • Medical expenses insurance. Insurers compensate expenses for emergency medical assistance caused by unexpected illness, aggravation of a chronic disease or accident during a trip. These expenses may include doctor's fee, medications, medical assistance, hospitalization and transportation back home if necessary. Also Insurers pays for necessary prolongation of a trip resulted from hospitalization and transport expenses for a person accompanying insured person (when it is needed)
  • Travel interruption insurance. Insurer compensate purchased tickets and/services, additional expenses on purchase of new ones in case of late arrival of an intermediate flight or to a transit point of a journey. In case of an accident (that excludes possibility of travelling) before a trip, Insurer only compensates the value of unused tickets and services. NB! A policy should be issued beforehand as per insurance conditions.
  • Luggage insurance protects luggage against loss, theft, damage. In case of delay Insurers compensate costs of articles of prime necessity
Additionally a policy may also include:
  • Accident insurance during a trip
  • Legal help expenses
  • Civil liability during a trip
  • Luggage delay additional insurance compensate costs of purchase or hire of skiing equipment or clothes for an official reception
  • Cancellation of trip caused by volcanic eruption (NB! Further eruptions of both Icelandic volcanos that "woke up" in 2010 and 2011 are excluded from cover)

In case of regular journeys it is reasonable to have annual multi- trip policy. This policy is valid for a year, but insurance cover is active for a defined period, which is indicated in the policy, of being abroad.

To issue a policy it is necessary to choose a right region: Russia, Scandinavian countries, Europe, whole world excluding the USA and Canada and whole world (without exclusions).

If the aim of a trip is work or sport, it is necessary to agree it beforehand.

NB! It is important to remember that travel insurance policy does not cover losses resulted from strikes of transport companies!

Accident Insurance
We always rejoice to nice surprises, which happen occasionally, but we are absolutely not ready to any accidents that may take place any time: at work, while doing professional or amateur sport. Insurance, of course, will not save from harm, but will help to cope with financial difficulties that is very significant reason to have an insurance policy.

In case of accident insurance minimal cover includes compensations in case of death and permanent disability:

Indemnity in case of death resulted from an accident is paid within one or three years from the insured event.

Permanent disability is constant physical harm caused by an accident.

Additionally to the above risks the following can be included into cover:

Compensation for pain and suffering is a one-time payment per each accident and it is calculated according to Terms of Insurance Company

Daily allowance helps to cover loss of income for every day out of work due to an accident. The treatment is to last at least 7-8 days

Treatment costs indemnity compensates treatment expenses resulting from an accident that are not paid for by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Level of risk, limits of liability and insurance premium depend on:

  • occupation
  • sport (professional or amateur)
  • chronic diseases or previous accidents
  • coverage: round-the-clock or during work hours
  • salary
In order to get an offer please fill in the questionnaire or contact our specialists.

Employee Insurance
Employee health insurance (VHI) is one of the most important components of a social package. Employee health insurance allows to provide the employee of the qualified outpatient, hospital and dental care in the best medical centers in Russia and abroad.

As a rule, the insured employee will be able to use the services of the 24-hour control room receiving a consultation, to make an appointment with the required specialist in the desired medical facility at a convenient time or to call a non-governmental/specialized ambulance team.

The working process can be fraught with the risk of injury and accident. Minimal protection for accident insurance is payments for death and disability.

The full package includes risk coverage:

Accidental injuries:
  • Death of the insured person;
  • Determination of the disability of the insured person;
  • Temporary disability of the insured person;
  • Traumatic injuries of the insured person;
  • Hospitalization of the insured person.

The insurance coverage is 24 hours a day; the insurance territory is - the whole world.

Programs offered by different insurance companies can be very different from each other in terms of coverage, cost, the convenience of receiving services, etc. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, even after spending a few days comparing different offers, it is reasonable to turn to a professional independent insurance broker.

Our experts will consult you on the insurance products offered on the market and will help you to choose the best insurance option for your individual requirements.

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