Business Interruption

 Business Interruption covers losses of the Assured when it is impossible to continue commercial activity of the company due to the following events:

  •  fire, stroke of lightning, gas explosion
  • explosion of technological equipment working under pressure
  • natural catastrophes
  • damage to property caused by liquid discharged from heating, water supply, fire extinguishing & sewer systems
  • malicious damage of third parties and running-down of a vehicle
  • burglary and robbery
  • the crash of an aircraft or its parts

Compensation under Business Interruption is paid only if insured property of the company is damaged or destroyed as a result of an insured event and it is paid by the Insurer.  

Business Interruption covers losses caused by discontinuance of activities during the maximum period indicated in the policy. Compensation paid according to the last finance reports of the Assured.

Business Interruption cover is offered only as part of Business Property Policy.